Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishful weds... youth job.

'I wish' .... I could go back and spend one day working at a job from my youth, and it would be from

Build a Bear!
Yes, I worked at Build-a-bear. I was a Party Bear. Which means, basically, that I was the one who worked the Birthday parties for the kids. I entertained them. Let them bite me. Tricked Talked their parents into buying over-priced animal clothing. At the time, I was convinced it was the worst job EVAAARRRRRR. But, now, looking back, it wasn't so bad! I would love to go back and do that job for a day.

Join in here.


  1. that would be such a fun job! i love build-a-bear :)

  2. I can't imagine working there. I bet kids loved it though!