Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The one about that stupid child development doll.

I took a Child Development class 12 years ago (!!!!). I was 14 and a freshman in High School. I was awkward, with frizzy hair that I didn't know how to tame yet, and an addiction to lip gloss. I only took the class because I didn't want to take the other classes, either. I wanted to take this class more than I wanted to take art, which really isn't saying much. I assumed my stick figure drawings with clouds would cause me to fail, so I took Child Development despite a few "This class is so stupid!" &  "I'm never having kids!" comments.

The first day of class I learned that it is required that everyone in the class take home "the doll". Thankfully I had the older model doll which was much easier than the new fancy shmancy dolls. This doll would cry and I would need to stick a key in its back within so many seconds in order to pass. Each time it cried. I didn't have to figure out WHY it was crying, I just had to make it stop.

This doll would cry every 45 mins. For 2 days and 1 night. Cry, Key, Cry, Key, Cry, Key. I was annoyed that it cried all night. I was annoyed that it cried during theatre rehersals. I hated it. I hated taking that doll to the grocery store because people stared at me like I had a real baby. I was convinced that having a real baby would be "You know, so much easier!" because "Real babies don't cry every 45 mins! They sleep at night!".

(Insert wild rolling laughter here.)

I was right, Sweet Cheeks didn't cry every 45 mins. He cried more often. I probably would have traded him for the CD doll in the middle of a 4 day stretch with no sleep. (not really)

Oh, to be young again.


  1. Every time I think, "I want a baby!" I just go spend some time with my cousin's little one. He goes from happy and smiling to crying about every 15 minutes.

    How did you even handle it?! That would make me a crazy woman!

  2. I took that class and hated taking that doll home! Oh man.. wish me luck for whenever we decide to have kids.. haha

  3. I remember having that doll, it was soo annoying!

  4. Haha! That's so funny! My little sis (who is 25) comes to my house to love on my little ones and to get her dose of "birth control!"