Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"And now you're my whole life...

Now you're my whole world..." - Brad Paisley ("Then")

Dear Sweet Cheeks,

Tomorrow you turn ONE. Tomorrow is your very first birthday, and as much as I deny it, I am a crying mess thinking about this letter. Truth is, Ive been putting it off in order to slow down time... Its not working. Ive been pleading with the clock to stall before it hits 4:57pm tomorrow. Please, time? I'm not ready.

 I hope that you always dance. When you hear music, you instantly start swaying and jumping around. You make up your own songs, and say "Uhmm" in the car when you want the radio turned on. I hope you always have that extra beat in your step.

I love the way you know exactly what you want and you do what it takes to get it. Grab this life with both hands and go for every dream in your heart. Never settle. Never accept a "No" that should be a "Yes". Life is everything that you make it... So make it perfect. Build a life that you love living. I will take over that part for the next 17 years, if you'll allow me to.

I love being your mom. I love being "Mammmaaamama". One year ago tomorrow is the day you made me a Mom. You are nothing short of everything I always wanted. You are so wanted. You are so loved. Happy 1st Birthday.

All of my love. Today & Always.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Updates on my sweet babies!

Updates on Baby Bee:

How far along are you? 12 weeks, 2 days
When is your due date? January 15, 2011

Do you have any morning sickness? Yes, I still have terrible morning sickness. I tried Phenergan and it didn't help, so I am now on Zofran. It helps to take the edge off and it keeps me from throwing up (usually). I'm still not feeling great, but hopefully soon.

Do you think you are having a boy or a girl? I feel like it's a boy

Do you have a name picked out? Not even close. I need some ideas! :)

How much weight have you gained? I haven't gained any pregnancy weight. I gained weight when I quit working out and counting calories. I'm up 4 lbs since I took the pregnancy test.

Have you felt the baby move? Not yet.

Updates on Sweet Cheeks:

Sweet Cheeks is WALKING! He rarely crawls anymore. He is trying to run now, but that usually results in him crashing to the ground. Then getting back up, and trying again! We are planning his first birthday party. SC turns 1 on the 22nd of this month. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around having a one year old, but I am so excited to watch him grow. He currently has his 2nd ear infection in as many months so he's been a little out of sorts. Tomorrow we will try a new medicine and hopefully he will be feeling better soon.


Well, that's what we have been up to. I've been baking a baby and chasing a walking kiddo. :) Life is getting very, very busy... and more amazing by the day!