Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today I am thankful for:

A- Antiques.

B- Bon Jovi - One of my all time fave bands.

C- Cheesecake... makes any day a good day.

D- Dior lip gloss. Diet cherry coke. Daisies.

E- Electricity.

F- Family & Friends.

G- Glitter.

H- Home... With my 2 favorite boys :)& Happily ever afters.

I- Ice cream.

J- Jam.

K- Kittens. Kites.

L- Love. Laughter.

M- Mr B. Manicures.

N- New beginnings.

O- Oxiclean... Without it, my life would contain many more stains.

P- Popsicles. PINK!. Pedicures.

Q- Quiznos... Nothing better than a warm sub on a cold day!

R- Real housewives of _______. :) (Any season!)

S- Sweet cheeks... My precious baby.

T- Target.

U- Umbrellas with polka dots.

V- Violets.

W- Watermelon. Water fountains.

X- XM radio.

Y- YouTube.

Z- Zappos - Shoe shopping with free shipping! Perfection!

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