Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How I met your father (part 1)

I was 19. I was working as a hostess at TGI Friday's a few nights a week. I spent the rest of my time window shopping (I was a hostess, remember? $3.50/hr), hanging out at friends houses, or talking on the phone. I was also going to school, but it was a career path I hated from day 1 and I never pursued it. So, we will leave that part out of the story. Nothing significant happened in regards to school. I was your average not-a-care-the-world 19 year old.

Oh, and I had a boyfriend. He was all wrong for me, and we both knew it. But, we drug the relationship out regardless until one day things came to an end.

I had realized that things were not going to work with Boyfriend. No more chances. Sometimes thing are just not meant to be.I was talking to a friend on the phone about it (crying) and she suggested that we all meet up at our friend A's house. It was either that, or mope around the house eating ice cream while wearing a sweat shirt that was 2 sizes too big. So, I went to A's house.

This is where I should probably mention that I was wearing a sweatshirt (one that fit at least), a pony tail, and no make up. I had no intentions of meeting my soul mate there. If I had known, I probably would have at least showered. 

When I arrived at A's house (fashionably late, of course) it was the normal group of friends. A handful of close girlfriends and a few guy friends mixed in. There was A LOT of laughing, teasing, and re-telling long forgotten stories among friends. I hope that everyone gets to experience nights like that. They are the ones that turn friends into family. Those are the nights that are never forgotten.

A couple of hours later, Mr B walks in. Tall. Dark hair. White shirt. Infectious laugh. & a girlfriend.


  1. Pssstt.... :)