Friday, February 12, 2010

Why do I blog?

I get asked this question sometimes, so here you go... Why I blog.

1. These are our memories.
By the time Sweet Cheeks is old enough to ask questions about what our lives were like "back then", I will have more than likely forgotten our day-to-day moments. I try to post things here for him to see later. I plan on printing this blog at some point in the future as an addition to Sweet Cheeks' baby book. My only regret is that I wish I would have started this while I was pregnant. This is partly an online journal, and partly.....

2. A way to socialize.
This is a way for me to meet other Mommies who have similar interests. It's a way to social network. I enjoy making new e-friends and sharing recipes, mishaps, humerous stories from the day. I like learning new tips, ideas, ways to save money and getting book recomendations from other bloggers.

3. It's entertaining.
Because, let's face it, you can only watch Dora and that big red chicken so many times in a day. :) (Yes, I let my kid watch cartoons. The horror!)

Why do you blog?


  1. I blog because I was a lurker for so long that I started feeling guilty and now I need to return the favor by oversharing about my life with internet strangers :-)

  2. I blog to keep track of what's happening in my life (and I need to do it more often) and as a way to put my thoughts and feelings into words