Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day giveaway! (aka: What do ipods and Twilight have in common?)

I was lucky enough to meet Biscuit in our High School drama class. Hopefully you have gotten a chance to meet her, too. She's a unique soul full of laughter and spunk!

Biscuit is offering one of my lucky followers a chance to win one of her iphone/ipod cases! (Im sure it will hold most cell phones/smart phones... or an mp3 player too! If you are not sure, just ask :)  )

AND I am also giving away a full sized Bath and Body works body cream in Twilight Woods.

Nothing says love quite like Ipods and Twilight.

I will be drawing a winner on SUNDAY!! (Valentines day!)

To enter:
1. You must follow the blog
2. Leave a comment with your email address & your worst first date experience.

Extra entries:
(Please note in comment if you did any of these.)
1. Follow Biscuit.
2. Go to her Etsy store and mention your favorite cover.
3. Blog about the giveaway and link back here.

Good luck!!!

P.s. If you would like a custom case made and have something in mind, e-mail Biscuit and she'll be happy to work with you!


  1. worst first date experience? don't count this as an entry since i made the case! haha!

    but, honestly i haven't had one. when i met my (now) husband we never went on one official date. we just hung out until we decided to get married. :]

  2. Ok. Saw the link to this in Biscuit's tweet.

    worst first date experience... It's long.
    K. He took me to Nonna's which wasn't bad. It actually sparked an obsession for me. I love Nonna's. The conversation was AWKWARD! He made me feel inferior and like a child. The movie he took me to afteward was WEIRD!!! It was called Timecode and it had Salma Hayek in it... DEFINITLY NOT a first date movie... We left after about 30 minutes... ha ha ha. When the date was over I wanted to hide under a rock for a year. Horribly embarassing date. :)
    *I follow Biscuit
    *I heart her shop and have bought her penguin case cover.
    *I am about to include your giveaway on my Wednesday blog post.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. I love biscuitboxx and Biscuit is pretty much amazing. And your blog... well, it's lovely. :)

  3. I am already following

    Worst date experience? I go to a guys house to hang out and bring beer and my beer bong and find out he doesn't like to drink a lot. I bonged my beer and got the eff outta there hahaha.


    Worst date was a blind one! I became friends with a guy on a college board, and we agreed to go on a date. He showed up in my dorm room lobby and I about died. I went out on a date with an exact replica of Barney Fife!!! Needless to say I paid for my own dinner and gave him a handshake at the end of the night.


    worst first date experience:
    he took me to his grandparents house (they were away for the winter) and we watched a terrible movie (it was one of his favorites, and yes he quoted the entire time), by the end of the movie I really just wanted to go home and forget the night ever happened, and then it took a turn for the worse. He tried making out, and when that didn't work for him (i rebuffed his attempts) he asked for a blow job. Did I also mention he resembled a hobbit (not in stature, but gut: check, hairy feet: check) and wore sandals even though it was winter.

  6. I'm already a follower.

    My worse date experience is when I went to a comedy club on our first date and the guy (now my hubby!) spilled a glass of soda all over my Movado watch! Not the best impression, but here we are six years later a married couple!


    OK so this is a funny story, I haven't even thought about this in a few years.

    So this guy kept asking me out, finally I say yet. Well sometime during the week he broke his wrist. His right wrist. Well he picks me up in his truck (which is a stick shift) and tries to drive his truck with just his left hand able to drive and shift. That alone was a mess. THEN he hadn't cashed a check he had so he had no cash/money for our date (which was supposed to be dinner and a movie). We drove to three or four different places in Shreveport looking for a place to cash the check. We end up back on base and stop and the gas station. While he was inside I called my friend quickly and she came to pick me up. I jumped out of his truck and dove into her back seat and hid until he couldn't see me anymore if he had walked outside. He blew up my phone for a couple of weeks but I never answered. I have no idea what he thinks about what happened. It was such a mess.

    Ummmmm and I obviously follow you ADUH!