Monday, February 1, 2010

Not me Monday!

I did not "pretend" to do my taxes this week on just to find out what my return would be, and then hit "Cancel" right before it asked for my credit card information. (& I am beyond thrilled that our return is higher than I expected!)

I did not get SUPER excited when Sweet Cheeks got his 2 (top) front teeth! (Finally! They have been trying to come in for WEEKS now and I couldn't be happier they finally broke through the skin!! )

I was not shocked and upset to find out that the jewler who re-sized my wedding rings also cracked the center stone. I also did not get defensive when she told me that *I* cracked it prior to coming in. (Humph! I originally had a 5.4 carat red tourmaline as the center stone in my engagement ring... but, now I am looking for something to replace it with. Something pretty. That sparkles.)

I have not had a nasty cold for the past 5 days..

I did not tear up watching "The Duggar's special delivery" last night. (Made me SO Thankful to have a healthy, "big" baby.) I also did not force ask Mr B to watch it with me.

I did not use excuses such as "Its snowing!" and "I have a cold!" to avoid working out this week. I would never use excuses to avoid doing something I don't want to do. Nope, Not me!!

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  1. oh I never thought to try turbotax and cancel before paying just to see how much we should get back... I am so doing that right NOW! haha