Monday, February 8, 2010

McFatty Monday.

I confess! I am terrible at working out! I have not done it one time this week. I am going to keep making it a goal, though, so that I feel bad when I don't do it.

The good: I didn't gain any weight.

The bad: I didn't lose any weight. & I cheated more than I should have. I blame the snow! (again!)

The goals:
* Work out one time this week.
* Go walking with a friend at least once this week
* Eat healthy. (One cheat meal. That's it.)

How did you do this week?

Does anyone have a fabulous healthy recipe to share? (because that would be awesome!)

To join in on McFatty Monday, go HERE.


  1. you should try zumba sometime. you burn an average of 600 calories in just one class! :]

  2. Here's a favorite recipe of mine that's healthy. I will usually throw it over some brown rice to get some whole grains. And the husband loves it so we've been making it like once a week.

  3. Snow messes me up big time! I think it's awesome that you didn't gain in the face of snow!

  4. This recipe is GREAT! You can put any kind of veggies you want with it and it is great!

    Hope you enjoy it!

  5. Thanks for the support! You have mine in return! Good luck on your goals this week!