Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear customer service lady at Wal-Mart

Dear customer service lady at Wal-Mart who stared at her nails the entire time I was talking,

Otherwise known as "Patsy", or so your name tag with smiley face said.

I realize that you think I am slightly ridiculous for wanting to exchange infant formula this afternoon. Yes, I know, to you "Natural cultures" & "Protect plus" are the same thing. But, they actually are not. If they were, Good Start would save the money and just make one label instead of the two separate ones. I did not appreciate your condescending voice when you stated that "Wal-Mart does not do returns or exchanges on baby formula".

Uhm, Your manager seemed to believe other wise. I would not have had to get your manager involved if you would have stepped down off of your power trip for 2 seconds and made the exchange yourself. You see, I was serious when I said "Your answer doesn't work for me. Please find someone who will have the answer I want. Which is, YES."

I see your eye roll and death glare & I raise you a hair flip.

Mrs B

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