Friday, October 23, 2009

a day late & a dollar short

I stole this from a dear friend of mine. She has a son who shares a birthday with Sweet cheeks. I call them Birthday Besties.

Age - 3 months

Weight - 16 lbs

Height - 26 inches

Sleeping habit - He usually falls asleep around 6pm, wakes up at 1am for 2oz of milk, the back to sleep until 5-7am.

Eating habits - During the day he eats every 2.5-3 hours (4oz), then 6 oz of cereal (oatmeal) at 5 pm before bed. He drinks Goodstart Protect Plus.

Cutest Moment of the Week - Watching Sweet cheeks and Mr B "talk" in the wee hours of the morning

Milestones - He's trying to figure out how to be a baby on the move!

Firsts - He fell asleep on his own for the 1st time this week. No mommy. No bottle. No rocking chair. Just Sweet cheeks and a blanket on the floor.

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  1. Our boys are growing up so fast! It's hard to believe that they were born just 3 short months ago...