Sunday, January 17, 2010

So here's the thing -

I feel a little bit mislead by this post pregnancy weight loss issue.

I had a baby in the middle of summer. It was hot. I was hungry. I was tired. My ankles swelled up to 3 times their normal size. I looked like I stuffed oranges into my socks the day I delivered my son. I gained at least 50 lbs. Shamefully...

The first month I felt like a weight-loss all star. I lost 40 lbs the first month. I thought I was some kind of super-human baby machine. 40 down! Only 10 (ish) to go! High fives all around! Little did I know that my weight loss would end there.

I would be stuck with this extra 10 (more like 15-20) lbs that would.not.budge. I would also be stuck with this flabby bear clawed skin type material for a stomach. Awesome.

So, I feel a little mislead. No one told me about the bear stomach. No one told me I wouldn't continue to lose 40 lbs every month until I weighed less than Lindsey Lohan. NO ONE TOLD ME. (Yeah. Should have known, right?)

I'm telling you. Now you know.

Tomorrow begins the dreaded post-baby diet. For real this time. I am writing this post so that I am now accountable. I will be joining the McFatty Monday posts over at Heir to Blair. & By this summer, I will be in a swimsuit. Granted, probably a tankini... a swim suit none the less!

Here's to weight loss!!


  1. The bear clawed tum is the worst! I gotta remember to join McFatty Monday as well...

  2. Being accountable is so important! I look forward to seeing how your week went! - Mel @thereedfeed