Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dear Sweet Cheeks,

When did you become five and a half months old? I feel like just yesterday Daddy and I very carefully sat you in your car seat, and adjusted the straps at least 7 times, while the nurse at the hospital gave us the side-eye. I was certain in that moment that no one had ever been more nervous than I was. You looked so peaceful sitting there watching us. I could have never guessed that my love for you would multiply daily to point where I can't imagine it's possible to love you more than I do now. But, I will. Tomorrow.

Our first week at home, your favorite place to sleep was on my chest while I lay on the couch. You spent many morning this way... We would lay on the couch and cuddle for hours catching up on all of our favorite TV shows. (By "our favorite TV shows", I mean MY favorite TV shows. :)) It was during one of these early morning cuddle sessions that I was peed on for the first time. And pooped on. And puked on. Those moments hold a special place in my heart and it's hard for me to imagine that we will soon be retiring those moments for new ones more suitable for a growing boy.

You have no idea how overjoyed I was this morning when the only place you wanted to sleep was on my chest as I laid on the couch. This time, I left the TV off... I watched your little chest as you took a breath in... and a breath out... I watched the dimples on your cheeks as you smiled in your dream. I was enthralled by the shadows that danced across your face as the sun made its way into the sky. I held your little hands, miniature versions of Daddy's hands, as you slept.

These are the moments that although you will not remember them... They have made my life. & I couldn't be more excited to watch you grow. But, please slow down just a little bit, ok?

Love always,

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  1. I love this! You express yourself beautifully with words! Great Grandma B had a dream about Rowen on the eve of his 6 month birthday. She dreamed he was crawling toward her with the biggest smile on his face. She said, "He was so cute!"