Friday, March 26, 2010

Tomorrow I get to be QUEEN for the day

because it's my birthday! The big 2-6.

Mr B and I have decided to make one BIG purchase this year for both of our birthdays instead of individual presents. So in a couple of weeks THIS will be in our living room. (Or, something similar. We haven't decided 100% for sure yet)


On a random note: I have heard rave reviews over this lip gloss, so I am going to head to Sephora today(bummer, huh?) and pick some up!

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. I got this tv from Best Buy in July and I absolutely love it. Never had a problem with it and the picture is clear as a bell.

    Happy early birthday!

  2. An early happy birthday to ya! We are doing the same thing for my birthday next month. We looked at the one you got but decided on a different one. We purchased this. Paying it off today and we get to pick it up on Wednesday.

  3. Check out Amazon for great deals on flat screen TV's. I purchased one for my husband two years ago and it has been great. Plus, they offer free shipping often.