Friday, June 4, 2010

Guest Blog: The Mother

Welcome, The Mother from Little Boy Green! TM is an Eco-friendly, cloth diapering, happily married, mom to Little Boy Green. (LBG) Here's her journey into the world of cloth diapers...

Little Boy Green

Blindly Making the Leap!

The years leading up to being pregnant and the whole time I was growing rounder by the minute I was 100% against cloth diapers. I liked the idea of them. They come in all sorts of cute varieties, too. I just couldn’t get past the poop. Luckily for me The Father of my sweet little boy was against them, too. There was no discussion needed… just the way I like things.

Small side note: TF works an hour away and is away from the house more than he is here. Not to mention he occasionally has to travel.

Ok, back to the point. There would be days when we’d be low on diapers and I didn’t want to take LBG out to buy more. I’d wait all day for TF to come home and instead of cooking dinner, showering, or even getting a few minutes of sleep; I’d be in the car headed to Target to buy diapers.

With the price of formula quickly adding up and the beau coup bucks we spend in gas for TF to go to work we needed to think of a way to cut back some expenses. Not to mention we realized how many diapers were ending up in the landfill from our son alone!

I slowly warmed up to the idea of trying cloth and I made the decision that if I could convince TF that we should give it a go. I’d get over the last of my reservations and just go with it. I’d been visiting various message boards and websites on the subject and came across a great link that I knew would convince him. You can try it out here.

I can’t remember the exact numbers for us, but it came out to something like we’d spend a little over 2 arms and 3 legs if we used disposable diapers until LBG was 2. I wish I’d written everything down. Whatever the figures were, TF was sold. He wanted me to look into buy a few diapers, but didn’t want to spend too much money.

As luck would have it, someone was selling her entire diaper stash! We negotiated a great price and I waltzed away with a huge smile on my face! In about 15 minutes, I’d bought enough diapers to last us until LBG is using the potty full time.

Fast forward to now. LBG has had a fluffy bum for 5 months and we haven’t looked back! Not even once! TF has even tried to convince friends and co-workers that cloth is the way to go. We’ve even decided that kidlet number 2 will be in cloth from the get-go. Instead of making a quick run to the store for diapers or wipes (those are cloth now, too!) I get to spend the evening relaxing while folding a few prefolds and stuffing a pocket or two.

If you are wondering how the numbers have added up here is the run down:

In 5 months, we’ve spent a total of $12 in detergent because we make our own and our water bill has only increased by $5 per month. We’ve spent a total of $200 in diaper purchases and are trying to sell a few of the originals and bought a few more of our favorites.

Not a bad deal, is it?

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